4 Months Until the Mini-Tri!

OK, I got slightly off-track with my training plan. Fortunately, there are exactly four months until the Atlantic City mini-tri and the training plan I am following is for four months! Boom! Gonna start TODAY!!!!

Also, what a fantastic weekend. My mom graduated from grad school on Friday and it was such an honor to be there with her. She is so committed and motivated and she is a truly incredible classroom teacher- watching videos of her class patiently doing math workstations (the videos are part of her big master’s research project) had me in awe. And then we celebrated Mother’s Day! And my mom and I even took a long, beautiful walk with our neighbor before her graduation for a little exercise. And Denis and I took a bike-run (he biked, I ran) yesterday before cooking the Mother’s Day feast, so I am feeling great about incorporating daily exercise into the larger routine of family and love.